It probably goes without saying but we really love coffee, and we think its subtleties and uniqueness are best showcased through using a filter brew method. Filter coffee, unlike espresso, is brewed using a non-pressurized brewing method, like Aeropress, drip, French press, or Chemex.

When people talk about coffee they throw around a lot of words about organic and fair-trade, gourmet and single-origin, but what it really comes down to is the story. All our coffee is carefully sourced and sustainably compensated to ensure the producers we work with are able to achieve the quality that we all aspire too. Finding good coffee is all about potential. What we find inspiring in the coffee that we buy is working to realize that potential and taking a good coffee into one that is truly extraordinary, through every stage from the farm to the roasting.

Our selection of coffees have been curated and built on long-lasting relationships with producers world-wide. We’ll always offer coffee that’s in-season and sustainably sourced. Many of our favourite coffees return year-after-year and many are new and exciting additions. You can select coffees through country of origin or explore flavour profiles to find the best tasting coffee for you.