Decaf doesn’t have to suck. We’ve worked incredibly hard to find a decaf coffee that even the most conscientious coffee lover would drink. Our decaf coffee goes through a gentle and natural water, and biological sugar cane process to make this an excellent alternative for the caffeine-conscious.

We utilize a decaf process that’s environmentally friendly, gentle and natural to produce one of the best decaf coffees we’ve ever had. Our green coffee is sourced and then sent to DESCAFESOL, Colombia’s first only coffee decaffeination facility, in the lush region of Manizales. The approach is unique in that the coffee doesn’t travel far or out of country to get to be decaffeinated. Once at DESCAFESOL, the coffee goes through a water and ethyl acetate (EA) process using water drawn from nearby mountains, and EA naturally sourced from sugar cane. This particular process avoids applying unnecessary pressure or heat to the coffee while allowing it to retain it’s natural structure.