Filter: San Jacinto // Guatemala

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Filter: San Jacinto // Guatemala

From $19.00

Great things are often discovered in the most serendipitous ways, and our discovery of this coffee in Guatemala was no different! In 2013, during a trip to visit Paty Perez in Huehuetenango, Sebastian was driving back to the city and was forced to divert off the main road due to a road closure. The detour took him through the high road through a small region called Ixban (pronounced “eesh-bahn”) on the way to San Pedro Necta. During this trip, Sebastian took various GPS coordinates and altitude measurements. He noticed a good deal of coffee farms at elevations between 1700 and 2000m, with most farms having a healthy amount of old growth bourbon.

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Tasting Notes

Red Plum / Coffee Cherry / Chocolate

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic
Clear selection

Upon his arrival back in Antigua, he showed the GPS coordinates to a friend, Luis Pedro Zelaya, who at the time bought a small amount of coffee from select producers in Huehuetenango.  Sebastian and Luis Pedro agreed that the potential must be very high in this area, and with Luis Pedro’s help we were able to source the coffee from San Jacinto the following harvest.

San Jacinto is the name that a small group of producers from Ixban have given their coffees. Until 2014, these producers sold their coffee to various intermediaries in the Huehuetenango region, mostly resellers in the town of Huehuetenango. Luis Pedro now manages their coffee, with the help of Byron Benavante, who manages the small group of Huehuetenango producers for Luis Pedro. Byron and Sebastian spent some time together the past three years in Huehuetenango visiting Ixban, and spent time discussing the limitations in Huehuetenango. Up until last year, every producer in Huehuetenango, with the exception of Patricia Perez, was drying coffee using concrete patios and storing it in tiny warehouses that are exposed to the elements. This drying and storage method resulted in coffees from this area aging very quickly, and in many cases, they lose nearly all their attributes within a few months post harvest. The San Jacinto coffee was no exception.

This year, although their drying infrastructure didn’t really change, Sebastian worked with the producers to improve the end point of the drying, which is key to achieving good results.  We’ve also implemented Grain Pro bags for the storage of coffee after it’s dried.

This particular lot is a blend from four small producers: Alberto Rodriguez, Juan Ramirez, Arcenio Lopez, and Rudy Perez. Sebastian visited Guatemala three times this past harvest and was able to cup through the entire crop of San Jacinto coffees and although most of the harvest was solid, these individual lots are definitely the best.

This green coffee was frozen on arrival in Calgary, to preserve freshness.

REGION: Ixban, Huehuetenango
VARIETY: Bourbon
PROCESSING: Washed by fermentation
DRYING: Sundried on tarps
HARVEST: February, 2017
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness