Espresso: Isabel Teruer // Honduras

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Espresso: Isabel Teruer // Honduras

From $19.00

In 2011, Sebastian first visited the El Sauce region, which is located on the lower slopes of the northern end of Santa Barbara National Park in western Honduras. On this initial visit, he was shocked by how badly afflicted the area was by coffee leaf rust, a fungus that has plagued much of the coffee grown in the Americas. At that time, Honduras in general was struggling with coffee leaf rust, but El Sauce was hit especially hard.

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Cherry / Lavender / Juniper Berry

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Approachable Exotic

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While the country grows the majority of its coffee between 900m and 1400m, most of the great coffee in El Sauce is grown between 1400m and 1600m. Prior to 2011, they had not experienced coffee leaf rust in a significant way at those higher altitudes, so they were caught off guard and the farms were devastated.

Since 2011, the producers of El Sauce have worked hard to control and manage the impact of coffee leaf rust on their farms. Sebastian has been visiting El Sauce regularly since then and has noted a major turn around in the farms and, consequently, a massive improvement in the quality of the coffee.

Last May, during a blind cupping in Honduras, Sebastian came across Isabel Teruer’s coffee for the first time. The coffee stood out on the cupping table with fresh cantaloupe notes, but also exemplified strong toffee and nougat notes. Sebastian instantly thought that this coffee would make a very tasty and balanced espresso. We purchased the entire lot last year and thus began our working relationship with Isabel.

Isabel has been living in El Sauce for quite some time and he and his brothers have been coffee producers their whole lives. Prior to this past harvest, Isabel sold his coffee in a local co-op where it was blended with other coffees from the area to be sold in the commodity market. Last year, Isabel took a big step and decided to process his coffee more carefully to see if it stood out as a candidate for specialty coffee. We’re thankful for that first step because that’s what allows buyers like ourselves to find raw potential like that of Isabel Teruer’s!

During Sebastian’s most recent visit to Honduras this past January, he spent some time touring Isabel’s farm and his humble processing facility. Sebastian and Isabel discussed the importance of drying properly and Isabel is committed to upgrading his drying beds to achieve a slower drying process, something we have found to be key with Honduran coffee. It’s always exciting to see where new relationships lead and we’ve been very encouraged by how quickly our relationship with Isabel has evolved.

This coffee was frozen immediately on arrival in Calgary, to preserve its freshness.

REGION: El Sauce, Santa Barbara
PRODUCER: Isabel Teruer
HARVEST DATE: March-April, 2016
PROCESSING: Washed by Fermentation
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness


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