Espresso: Maria and Luis Pedro Zelaya // Guatemala

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Espresso: Maria and Luis Pedro Zelaya // Guatemala

From $19.00

Luis Pedro Zelaya is a long-time friend of Phil & Sebastian. Sebastian and Phil first met Luis Pedro in 2011, and we’ve been working together ever since. Luis Pedro is the most respected coffee producer and exporter in the Antigua region. He owns and operates a mill called “Bella Vista”, where he processes coffee from his own farms, from farms he manages, and coffee he buys from small producers in the region in cherry form. He is an agronomist by trade, and he has innovated a great deal both at his farms and his mill. This coffee is from a farm owned by Luis Pedro’s aunt: Maria Zelaya Aguirre.

Tasting Notes

Stewed Pear / Caramel / Brown Sugar

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic

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Maria Zelaya is a spirited and special lady. She lives at her hacienda on her farm, “Bella Carmona”, and she fully ran the farm from 1959 until two years ago, when she finally gave in and let Luis Pedro take over the management. This was a difficult transition for her as she feels a strong affinity for the land and the coffee trees. As she’s still living at the farm, she is very involved in overseeing the production, but now has more time to tend to her eye-dropping gardens, full of rare flowers. She also cares for her milk cows, which she has individually named after each of her friends.

Bella Carmona is an old estate farm that has been in the Zelaya family since the 1800s. The farm has a mixture of the heirloom varieties typica and bourbon. Since Luis Pedro took over, he has been working on replanting the older portions of the farm and creating a selective pruning program to help increase productivity. The farm enjoys some nice elevations, reaching up to 1800m and has a nice range of shade trees. It’s the old growth heirloom varieties and these growing conditions that make the coffee from Bella Carmona stand out from its Antigua counterparts.

Over the years, Luis Pedro has implemented a number of quality initiatives at his mill. He completely overhauled his drying by building a greenhouse with multi-level raised beds and adjustable ventilation. This drying method results in more even drying which helps create consistency in the cup and greatly aids in the longevity of the green coffee. He has also launched incentives to improve coffee cherry picking and the post-sorting process. By using a combination of feedback and performance-based combination compensation, he has been able to improve the proportion of ripe cherry to over 90%. This green coffee was frozen immediately upon arrival on Calgary to maintain its freshness.

REGION: Antigua
PRODUCER: Maria & Luis Pedro Zelaya
VARIETY: Typica and Bourbon
MILL: Bella Vista
ELEVATION: 1550-1800m
FARM: Bella Carmona
PROCESSING: Fully Washed
DRYING: Multi-levelled Raised Beds
HARVEST: January and February 2016
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness

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