Espresso: Luis Pedro Zelaya // Guatemala

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Espresso: Luis Pedro Zelaya // Guatemala

From $19.00

Luis Pedro Zelaya is a long-time friend of Phil & Sebastian – we’ve been working with him and his family for over 6 years now. Luis Pedro is one of the most respected coffee producers and exporters in the beautiful Antigua region of Guatemala. He owns and operates a mill called “Bella Vista” in the area, where he processes coffee from his own farms, from farms he manages, and coffee he buys from small producers in the region in cherry form. He is an agronomist by trade, and he has innovated a great deal both at his farms and his mill.

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Tasting Notes

Pistachio / Palm Sugar / Dark Chocolate

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic

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Much earlier than normal, we are thrilled to announce our first fresh crop Central American coffee of the 2016/2017 harvest! When we started roasting coffee, we set a goal to continuously reduce the lag between when coffee is harvested and when we offer it to our customers, with each subsequent harvest. We made a great stride in that goal this year by moving an additional early season container from Guatemala. There are late harvest coffees that will ship in our 2nd container from Guatemala, that are just harvesting now.

Luis Pedro has a knack for utilizing his agronomist background to reclaim and rejuvenate farms. Finca Candelaria is an example of one of these successful projects. When his father inherited it, it was in rough shape, but through pruning, variety renewal, and strong agricultural know-how, Luis Pedro has turned it around…Finca Candelaria is now a thriving farm. This picturesque farm sits in a region called Alotenango and the farm itself lies at the base of the very active “Volcan de Fuego”, not far from Antigua. The farm has a range of elevations between 1250 and 1500 meters, and a large portion of the land is undisturbed natural forest.

This lot is bourbon and was harvested around Christmas time (2016).

Over the years, Luis Pedro has implemented several quality initiatives at his mill. He completely overhauled his drying by building a greenhouse with multi-level raised beds and adjustable ventilation. This drying method results in more even drying, which helps create consistency in the cup and greatly aids in the longevity of the green coffee. He has also launched incentives to improve coffee cherry picking and the post-sorting process. By using a combination of feedback and performance-based combination compensation, he has been able to improve the proportion of ripe cherry to over 90%. This green coffee was immediately frozen on arrival in Calgary, to preserve freshness.

REGION: Alotenango
FARM: Finca Candelaria
VARIETY: Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1250-1500m
PROCESSING: Fully Washed
WET-MILL: Bella Vista
DRYING: Multi-level raised beds inside a greenhouse, with ventilation
HARVEST: December, 2016
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness