Panama is a great country to buy coffee from. It is easily accessible and the farms that we work with are impeccably kept, produce wonderful, clean coffees, and they are constantly refining and innovating the processes that they use. This has allowed us to build strong relationships in Panama based on trust. These relationships have created opportunities for us to experiment and learn about varieties and processing methods in tandem with our partners.

We have had a long-standing love of Panamanian coffee and, in particular, the Hartmann Family Estate. Our relationship began back in 2007, before we started roasting and sourcing coffee directly ourselves. When we finally had the opportunity to travel to Panama in 2010, the Hartmann farm was our first visit. We were immediately impressed by the family’s desire to learn and constantly improve their practices. We regularly communicate with the Hartmanns; giving them feedback on the condition of the coffees and brainstorming on how we can improve for the coming harvest. This tight feedback loop has allowed us to accelerate our iteration process and make on-the-fly adjustments. This relationship is directly responsible for some of our perennial favourite coffees.

We have also worked closely with Carlos Aguilera and his farm, Carmen Estate, since 2011. Carlos has a beautiful farm and puts a lot of care into the processing and drying of his coffee. He uses a guardiola to dry his coffee and is extremely careful to dry the coffee slowly and consistently. His coffees are impeccably clean and always have stable moistures, which allow them to perform remarkably well over time.

Working with people like Carlos and Ratibor make us really excited each year to share these exceptional coffees with you!

Typical Panama Harvest Schedule

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