Known for a unique quality of processing and drying, coffee from Kenya is very exciting. It’s washed and soaked twice in a style called “Double Fermentation” and then dried on raised beds. As with all styles of processing, when done well it can yield unparalleled results. We’ve been traveling to Kenya ourselves since 2011 and over the years, have had the privilege of many of their phenomenal coffees passing through our roasterie.

Coffee production in Kenya is handled mainly by co-ops, and every factory or washing station sorts its coffee by bean size, with AA being the largest. Many in Kenya believe that the larger the coffee bean, the higher the quality, which drives prices much higher for those given the AA grade. While this is often the case, we believe that the AB coffees can be just as good.

Kenyan coffee runs on a well-established auction system. Each week, all the bidding exporters will cup and taste over 1500 coffees to decide which ones to buy through the auction. Although it’s a strong system for buying coffee, our preference is always to work more directly with particular factories year after year. Thankfully, great exporting companies like Dormans Coffee allow us direct access through their sister company Coffee Management Services (CMS) to all the lots of particular top factories or washing stations that we enjoy. We pay a premium for these coffees (higher than auction prices) but we believe it’s well worth it for the chance to have the same Kenyan coffees every year.

Typical Kenya Harvest Schedule

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