Though a small country, Guatemala produces some exceptional coffee. We’ve been visiting since 2011 and have developed great relationships with farmers like Ricardo Zelaya and Patricia Perez. Guatemalan coffee can be very interesting, complex, and has so much potential. Over the years we’ve been fortunate to see a lot of this potential realized in through our partnerships and projects with amazing coffee producers.

Our long-standing relationship with Luis Pedro Zelaya and his cousin, Ricardo Zelaya can be traced back to our initial visits in 2011. This family has earned respect amongst coffee roasters worldwide. Both Luis Pedro and Ricardo take great care of the coffee from the picking all the way through the processing stage. In the last few years we’ve made some large investments into their farms to improve picking — over 90% picked is now ripe cherry! — and have supported them as they built new drying greenhouses with raised beds.

Over the last three years we’ve also worked closely with Patricia “Paty” Perez and her farm, El Diamante. Her very remote farm produces some of the best coffee from the area. Recently, we spent some time on Paty’s farm and helped her build new raised drying beds. We provided her with a moisture meter to properly determine end point and coached her on how to manage the beds properly. Paty’s enthusiasm for the projects is infectious and we both couldn’t be prouder of the results. She’s excited to work with us next year on extending this project.

For the past two years we have worked with Tono Hernandez, a small producer who delivers cherry to Luis Pedro. We’ve collaborated with Luis Pedro on projects to ferment and dry his coffees separately, something we believe can infinitely increase its potential. Luis Pedro has also worked closely with Tono to make improvements on his farm. As a result of this work, we’ve seen the quality and consistency of his coffee improve tremendously and are excited to continue the partnership.

All of this work that we are doing in Guatemala is very rewarding, as it allows us to realize the incredible potential of Guatemalan coffee.

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