Decaf: Juan Manuel Sanchez // Costa Rica

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Decaf: Juan Manuel Sanchez // Costa Rica

From $19.75

Juan Manuel Sanchez is a 5th generation producer, who now runs the Santa Anita Estate, located in the picturesque West Valley. Santa Anita is a large family-run coffee farm that strikes a balance between tradition and innovation.

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Tasting Notes

Cranberry Jam / Caramel / Anise / Peach

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic

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Although Santa Anita is a large estate, Juan Manuel handles the coffee in a careful and meticulous manner that is rare to see in a farm of such a size. The linchpin of Juan Manuel’s success is the support of his family, as they have a real vested interest in the quality that the farm produces.

Although the coffee is grown at a modest elevation, ranging from 1300-1400m, the cup profile is reminiscent of a higher grown coffee. When Sebastian first tasted this coffee in Costa Rica, he immediately thought it could make a tasty decaf, since it had such a balanced profile. The main players were deep sweetness and heavier body, but it was all tied together with a delicate stone fruit acidity that created a harmonious, crowd-pleasing cup.

Santa Anita produces a great number of individual lots per harvest, and although the quality has been really consistent, there were definitely standouts. During Sebastian’s cupping in Costa Rica in February, this lot was head and shoulders above the rest, with more pronounced acidity and greater balance.

This coffee was decaffeinated by our friends at Swiss Water in Burnaby, BC. Although their exact process is proprietary, the general principle of Swiss Water decaffeination is that the green coffee is passed through water that is saturated in coffee flavour compounds and oils extracted from the same batch of green coffee. The green coffee is soaked in this saturated solution and the caffeine is extracted (through temperature and time) until 99.9% of the original caffeine content has been eliminated. The key to this method is the saturated solution because if plain water was used, the flavour compounds and oils would be extracted along with the caffeine, leaving tasteless decaffeinated green coffee. This coffee was harvested in February of 2016, making this a very fresh batch of decaf coffee.

REGION: West Valley
FARM: Santa Anita
VARIETY: Caturra
PROCESSING: Fully washed
HARVEST DATE: February, 2016
TRANSPORT: Refrigerated container
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness


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