Filter: Mauricio Shattah Moka // Colombia


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Filter: Mauricio Shattah Moka // Colombia


The next member of our exotic coffee series is this very special offering from Mauricio Shattah. The green for this coffee is pre-portioned in 5kg batches, and it was first frozen in transit from Colombia (using a shipping container set at -18C). Each batch is removed from the freezer 24hr before roasting to allow sufficient time for it to fully defrost but not enough time for degradation to occur. As a result of these steps, this coffee still tastes vibrant and fresh. If we hadn’t frozen the green, this coffee would have tasted faded and past crop.

Our coffee is roasted and shipped the same week you order it – freshness is guaranteed.

Tasting Notes

Coconut Milk / Lychee / Vanilla

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic

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Sebastian first heard of Mauricio Shattah via a WhatsApp message from a respected friend and coffee farmer, Ratibor Hartmann. Ratibor told Sebastian, “next time you’re in Colombia, you must meet Mauricio. His personality and his coffee will blow you away”. Sebastian immediately called Mauricio and had a great conversation about coffee quality, the state of farming, and both lamented the haphazard way in which coffee is grown and processed. Sebastian has since met Mauricio several times and spent many hours roaming around his farm. Through their conversations and time spent at the farm, Sebastian is now convinced Mauricio will be one of the world’s best coffee producers.

Mauricio is definitely not your average coffee farmer. He is a retired doctor (oncologist) who developed a relentless passion for coffee. Mauricio is an avid reader and is taking a science-first approach to coffee that will only lead him to greatness. He is growing over 18 varieties of coffee on his farm, and around eight of them are presently in production. This offering is one of his most exotic: the rare and delicious Moka.

In 2012, Mauricio’s wife Liliana wanted to buy a property in the countryside as a refuge from the busyness of their Bogota life. Mauricio was becoming interested in coffee and agreed to buy some property with the condition that he would be allowed to plant coffee on their property. So they found a lovely piece of land nestled in a valley in the mountains of Tolima, near the town of Ibagué, and with a view of the famous Sierra Nevada: a snow capped mountain. The farm, called “La Negrita”, which is named for Liliana’s nickname, is idyllic. Its geographic location, weather, access to water, surrounding vegetation, and elevation make it a prime location for growing great coffee.

When Mauricio began planting La Negrita, he didn’t want to replicate the standard monoculture Colombian coffee farm, he wanted to grow many exotic varieties, each of which would result in a unique profile. At present, he has planted Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, Yellow Maragojipe, Red Maragojipe, Yellow Geisha, Bronze Tip Geisha, Green Tip Geisha, Laurina, Sudan Rume, Cidra, Java, SL-28, Wush-wush, Typica, Villa Sarchi, Pluma Hidalgo, Mundo Novo and Moka. He has plans to continue diversifying the coffee plantation further as he grows.

Despite having some of the best coffee varieties in the country, Mauricio’s biggest asset is his processing. He is innovating his fermentation processes by experimenting with controlled enzyme injections and the addition of phosphoric acid to the fermentation tank to aid in the process. He is also innovating in his drying by installing fans and de-humidifiers inside his drying structures. This helps in creating a low humidity environment for drying coffee, which improves the drying significantly. He also recently built a climate-controlled warehouse to store all of his coffee prior to export. Climate-controlled warehouses are unheard of in the coffee world. Needless to say, Mauricio is an innovator and we are excited to be working with him and learning together.

PRODUCER: Mauricio Shattah
REGION: Tolima
FARM: La Negrita
DRYING: Dried in a de-humidified drying structure
PROCESSING: Washed by fermentation
HARVEST: August, 2016
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness