Espresso: Jericó // Colombia

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Espresso: Jericó // Colombia

From $19.00

Although most of Colombia has undergone a coffee production revolution since the 1980’s, the small region of Palestina is still relatively representative of the way things used to be. Since the advent of Juan Valdez and the Colombian marketing machine, most of the country’s coffee producers changed their farms to use highly productive and hearty coffee varieties. They planted these varieties in high density, removed nearly all shade from their farms, and began using agrochemicals more frequently. In contrast, Palestina, situated in the southern part of the department of Huila, still maintains some of the coffee varieties that gave Colombia its coffee fame.

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Tasting Notes

Dark Chocolate / Toasted Walnut / Blackberry

Flavour Profile

Approachable Exotic

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Palestina has retained many of the Guamo trees originally used for shade, the planting densities are more manageable, and they depend less on fertilization. We began working in this region in 2014 with Jose Martinez, whose farm is in the district of Sinai within Palestina. Since then, Sebastian has been very keen on working more within the region.

At the same time in 2014, Caravela, our sourcing partner in Colombia, set up a buying warehouse in the town of Palestina, and during one of Sebastian’s visits in 2015, he asked Victor – the cupper in charge of the Palestina warehouse – to set up a few cupping tables to taste Jose’s coffee along with a range of others from the Palestina region. The cuppings showed the raw potential there is in the region, but Sebastian was most impressed with the coffees from the district of Jericó, a remote region within Palestina.

The producers in Jericó have the added benefit of farms that are mostly at or above 1800m, which is likely why their coffee stands out on the cupping table. Since we didn’t really know any of the producers in 2015, Sebastian set up a project to buy a blend from a number of producers for the 2016 fly crop this past August. This specific blend is from Nolberto Barrera Perez, Alvaro Galindes,
Javier Muñoz,
Leonardo Jose Chinborazo and Libio Hoyos. The plan is to continue to buy blends from these small producers until Sebastian finds a producer from the group that aligns with our philosophy of continuous learning and quality improvements.

We treaded some new territory with the shipping of these coffees from Colombia. For perhaps the first time in the world, this container was shipped at -18 degrees C, and the coffee was frozen in transit for its 6-week journey. The reason we undertook this seemingly risky venture was because this harvest was particularly wet, and the coffees simply didn’t dry properly. As such, we were very concerned that the coffee would arrive faded and past crop. Of course, immediately upon arrival, we transferred the coffee to the frozen warehouse we’re using for the rest of our coffee. We’re very pleased to report that the “freezing container” experiment was a great success, and this coffee still tastes vibrant and fresh!

REGION: Jericó, Palestina
PRODUCERS: Nolberto Barrera Perez, Alvaro Galindes, Javier Muñoz, Leonardo Jose Chinborazo and Libio Hoyos
VARIETIES: Caturra & Tabi
HARVEST DATE: August, 2016
PROCESSING: Washed by Fermentation
SHIPPING: Shipped in a -18C freezing container
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness


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