Filter: Elder Chavez // Honduras

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Filter: Elder Chavez // Honduras

From $19.75

The tiny producing region of Santa Barbara is very special. When it comes to coffees grown here, it’s not a question of whether they will be good or bad, but rather just how good they will be—this region is responsible for over 50% of the Cup of Excellence finalists in the country! We have been working in Santa Barbara since 2012, and have had great success with Margarito Herrera in El Cielito and Wilmer Dubon in El Cedral. During one of Sebastian’s visits in 2014, Wilmer introduced Sebastian to a neighbour: Elder Chavez. Elder is a young fellow who owns a few hectares of land in the region next to El Cedral, called Los Andes.

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Nectarine / Molasses / Walnut

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Approachable Exotic

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In 2015, our first year working with Elder, we only purchased a tiny lot of Catimor, but Sebastian made arrangements to be able to purchase his entire harvest starting in 2016. Sebastian, Benjamin Paz, Elder, and Wilmer met in November 2015 to discuss how to make this happen.

Elder’s farm is at an elevation of 1800m – an altitude that is very rare in Santa Barbara – and the few producers who have land at these heights all yield incredibly amazing coffee. He grows Parainema, Pacas and Catimor. Elder doesn’t presently have a wet mill at his farm, so Wilmer agreed to do the wet processing for him. Elder built one parabolic drying structure, but he also used Wilmer’s drying facility during the peak of the harvest.

Elder’s coffee is very impressive. His Catimor is one of the best Catimors we have tried and his Pacas and Parainema are on their first year of production, so the cup quality will start to truly shine in two to three years. All his coffees are already impressive: fruity, elegant, complex and juicy.

For 2017, Benjamin and Sebastian will work with Elder to launch his own wet mill at the farm. Benjamin is one of three second-generation cousins who are presently running the Beneficio San Vicente (BSV) in Peña Blanca, Santa Barbara. BSV was started as a large commercial mill by Benjamin’s dad, Fidel Paz. But over the past decade, Benjamin, along with his older brother Fidel and cousin, Arturo, have been redefining their company’s role and BSV has single-handedly changed the face of Honduran coffee. Needless to say, the coffee in the region is extraordinary!

BSV’s role over the past decade has been to encourage the many small producers in the area to take better care of their coffee and sell it, with their help, to specialty roasters around the world. BSV provides financing, quality control, agronomy support and rewards the producers with a very good price – far greater than they could obtain in the commercial market. But perhaps even more important, BSV focuses on connecting the buyer with the producer, linking the chain and giving the producers a sense of pride in their work.

Elder’s potential is unquestionable. Now it’s up to him to consistently convert the potential into tasty coffee. This green coffee was frozen immediately upon arrival on Calgary to maintain its freshness.

REGION: Los Andes, Santa Barbara
VARIETY: Catimor
MILL: Wilmer Dubon
PROCESSING: Fully Washed by Fermentation
DRYING: Shaded Raised Beds
HARVEST DATE: March 2016
STORAGE: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness


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